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Nova Capital International LLC (“Apollo Capital” or the “Company”) is an investment banking and corporate financial advisory boutique firm (and merchant bank) specializing in the equity and debt financing of private and publicly held micro capitalization companies, which are companies with a market capitalization of $500 million or less. The Company focuses on providing its corporate clients with access to substantial equity and debt capital from institutional investors in the United States, Canada and Europe (London, Geneva, Zurich and Brussels) and to a lesser degree, accredited individual investors.

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Focusing on Individual Needs

Typical financing size of a Apollo Capital client company is $10 to $100 million. The operating philosophy of Apollo Capital is to serve only a select group of emerging growth and middle market clients through the personalized attention of our senior executives. The firm’s experienced principals take a hands on approach with each client. By attentive understanding of each client’s business and strategic objectives, Apollo Capital is able to focus on a client’s individual needs, effectively develop strategies, efficiently achieve goals and manage each transaction process rapidly through to the close.

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Our Principals

The principals of Apollo Capital are experts in structuring, sourcing, negotiating and closing a myriad of private and public debt and equity financings as well as other institutional financings for both private and public companies. Such debt or equity financings are typically a result of a client’s need for:

  • Leveraged acquisition financing.
  • Recapitalization and capital restructuring.
  • Capital for organic growth within the company’s market space.
  • Capital for expansion into new vertical markets.
  • Capital for shareholder liquidity.
  • Capital to refinance existing debt.
  • Capital for oil, gas and green energy project finance.

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coporate Services
coporate Services

Active Relationships

Apollo Capital maintains active relationships with numerous institutional investors including major private equity funds, leveraged buyout funds, special situation funds, hedge funds, pension funds, mezzanine funds, regional and money center commercial banks and insurance companies. This network of Apollo Capital institutional investor relationships with private equity funds, hedge funds and pension funds manages in excess of $100 billion of capital. These sources provide capital ranging from equity and equity linked instruments to subordinated debt and bridge financing. The firm’s relationship with these investors and knowledge of their investment criteria and processes often enables Apollo Capital to quickly present multiple financing options to its corporate clients.

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Decades of Experience

In addition to fulfilling the private and public equity financing needs of the firm’s clients, the principals of Apollo Capital have decades of experience in the public offering capital markets and maintain close relationships with global and regional investment banking firms that can provide initial public offerings (IPOs) and other secondary and follow on registered offerings under the Securities Act of 1933, when required. As a client’s investment banker, the firm works closely with the client to screen and identify the right firm, negotiate the best terms and manage the entire public offering process, enabling the management team to focus on their core competencies of operating the business.

Apollo Capital has access to the people, technology and venture capital resources of the various entities under the Apollo Capital umbrella. These resources include seasoned professionals who have expertise in the areas of management consulting, due diligence analysis, business plan development, valuation analysis, fairness opinions and market research along with the utilization of a large database of institutions, professional firms and accredited investors

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advisory services

Our Advisory Services

We offer outstanding investment banking and corporate financial advisory and capital raising services. Our professionals provide micro cap company market expertise, deep industry knowledge and investor relationships you would expect from a global, full service investment bank and institutional securities firm with nearly 90 years of combined total experience.

As a corporate financial and investment banking advisor to our Client we will perform the following advisory services as the Company may reasonably request:

  • Identify and introduce the Company to institutional investors.
  • Advise and assist the Company in locating, identifying and evaluating potential acquisition candidates and/or potential suitors.
  • Advise and assist the Company in any merger and acquisition activity.
  • Developing debt and equity financing strategies and scenarios.
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advisory services

More Advisory Services

  • Discussing these strategies, scenarios and opportunities with other professionals including attorneys, investment banks and institutional investors.
  • Providing financial modeling of likely scenarios.
  • Performing other usual and customary duties of an investment banking and corporate financial advisor.
  • When an offering of securities is contemplated, Apollo Capital works with the issuer and its counsel in preparing offering documents.
  • Assist Client in the evaluation and preparation of descriptive information regarding debt and equity financing, debt and equity investment strategies and prospects, including the preparation of Reg D Offering Memorandums, Financial Projections and Assumptions, Business Plans, Executive Summaries, Equity Valuation Analysis and Due Diligence Binders.
  • Assist Client in presenting and negotiating debt financing arrangements and equity investments including the valuation of any securities or other assets.